The 3 Requirements for Meditation
Insights with Dr Shankardev Saraswati (Psychotherapist & 'Yoga Therapist')
The mind-body connection is something we all talk about these days, but not so long ago it wasn't considered when making a medical diagnosis. The practice of yoga and meditation enhance the connection, bringing about self-awareness.
Dr  Shankardev Saraswati shares his insights below...
What is Mind Body Medicine?
Dr Saraswati describes himself as a medical psychotherapist.
But he resonates more as a yoga therapist.
He says:
 Yoga therapy is anything in which consciousness is cultivated so that people get more awareness
The foundation of everything Dr Saraswati does is meticulous self awareness. His patients are encouraged to be inquisitive and find out more about who they are and what's going on in their lives. It is Yoga that makes the difference. It enables you to take control of your body, your mind and to some degree your own consciousness, your spirit.

Yoga is the connection between mind and body. It is the perfect way to build a practice around mind-body medicine.

How Yoga & Meditation Help You Heal
Eastern psychotherapies have a tremendous number of practices, meditations and techniques. There are techniques that work with different parts of your body and your mind:
  • Pelvis
  • Digestion
  • Physical heart
  • Psychological heart, emotions
  • Metaphysical heart
  • Brain
  • Intuition
In the yoga tradition these techniques or practices are postures, breathing, meditation, mantras, sound vibration, and visualisations.
Dr Saraswati says:
 It all comes back to self-awareness, the ability to focus your attention onto a part of your body and apply knowledge and energy for change
Yoga allows things to work. If there is no yoga there is no connection. The meaning of yoga is meditation. The meaning of meditation is connection. Meditation brings about self-awareness.
Meditation Requires 3 Things:
  • A meditator (you)
  • An object of meditation - physical, asbstract or self 
  • The act of meditation that connects the meditator to the object of meditation
We have a connection with the world around us as well as a connection to our own minds and bodies.

Dr Saraswati is an Unstress Health Advisory Panel and a contributor to the deep dive thought pillar. You can learn more from Dr Saraswati including a deeper insight into meditation and how to get started with meditation.

He also talks more about yoga and shares his thoughts on 'salute-to-the-sun' in the move pillar.

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