A Philosophy for Sustainable Movement
Insights with Aaron Mackenzie (Personal Trainer)
People need to learn how to feel and move their body, not sit on machines. Coaching needs to be focused on improving the individual's movement capacity, not motivating people into lifting too heavy, too fast, or getting too fatigued.

How do we incorporate sustainable, functional movement into our busy lives?

Aaron Mackenzie shares his insights below...

Aaron McKenzie's Philosophy on Movement
Aaron says his philosophy on movement and exercise is one involving the whole body.
 The focus is on the individual, not a fancy environment, and it's just simplicity.
His approach to training doesn't require any expensive equipment or huge amounts of time or money. He asks for a commitment to gradual development; making consistent changes over time. This gives the body time to adapt.

Aaron encourages us to nurture our bodies. People tend to expect that in order to get a result they have to force their body to change. They believe it has to be a hard, extreme process - "no pain, no gain."

 But really the body will adapt and if you just take your time and you nurture the body into change, that's a far more enjoyable process.
The goal is to feel good in our body everyday. Aaron teaches people to listen to their body - to self-assess how it feels. He asks "What does your body need today?" Whether you are feeling really good or a bit rundown, your workout should nurture you into the next development, rather than force you or hurt you.
Aaron's Advice for Keeping Movement Sustainable:
  • Work on your flexibility
  • Improve your stride
  • Improve your technique
  • Try and feel fresh when you're doing it and don't totally exhaust yourself
  • Use a heart rate monitor to track cardiovascular fitness. Don't go over about 140 beats per minute. It's around 180 minus your age. If you're going past that, you're stimulating your body to too high an intensity. You are becoming fitter when you are running faster but your heart rate remains stable.
Learn more on how to move functionally and understand its importance in the deep dive move pillar. 
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Dr Ross Walker – Author, cardiologist and host of national radio program Healthy Living.
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